Gaius Grax

"Kind of a Big Deal"


A steadfast and good natured person, Gaius was known for being a dependable bodyguard and traveling companion. After working for Lunarie, the great sage of the north, he yearned to harness the powers of the Arcane. However, born with no magical talents, Gaius applied to many schools but none would take him. After facing rejection, Lunarie herself decided to take him under her wing. After their many quests and exploring wondrous places, a bond stronger than magic had formed. Through her guidance and Azathoth’s harassment (Her familiar), Gaius learned how to tap into the spellweave.

When the great collapse began, Gaius assisted Lunarie in trying to create a dimensional rift in which the entire city they were in could escape quickly and safely. However the spellweave was tearing itself into pieces from unknown powers, and the spell backfired, trapping her in between pocket dimensions, with the only piece that Gauis had being an empty bottle of her perfume. There was a small tear that was left behind in the fabric of the cosmos. Gaius and Azathoth used it and found themselves in a strange land, filled with creatures only heard about in legends. They were unsure where their quest to bring back Lunarie would take them.

Gaius Grax

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