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Born in a poor farming village, when the oppressive local lord, Illya, began to tax the peasants to the point of starvation. Leonidas’ religion, the Silver Flame, inspired him to take up arms against Illya. Leonidas challenged him to single combat in front of his men. Not wanting to lose face, and not fearing Leonidas the tyrant accepted and was handily defeated by Leonidas and was renamed Bold Cop Leonidas. After this he was trained by a Silver Flame priest in a cloister to become a scion of the order.
Leonidas dislikes all trappings of wealth and lives a simple life crusading for the good of all people.

When the world he lived on began collapsing, he had a vision to escape the shattering of the multi-verse. He received the message that he must uphold his duties despite the darkness. That now he must forge his own path without divine guidance. For he was chosen to eventually lead the people into greatness. Suddenly his flesh began to burn in bright steel flames, and when the pain and agony subsided, he found himself lost in a world where no god answered his prayers and creatures from all corners of the universe surrounded him.


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