Justice Solomon of the Divine Scale

The Greatest Sin is Apathy


No Gods, No Masters. Justice is it’s own reward. He leads a group of angels and oversees his own court. Heads are cleaved, babies are split, and conflicts are quelled. The district he lives in remarkably has no crime. Many temples have been built from all religions, as they are free from assault in his domain. The angels can be sent for hire, and are frequently used as bodyguards for influential personnel, however there is no special treatment as their services are open to the public.

Originally an Angel of Boccob the Uncaring, the Lord of All Magic, and the Archmage of the Deities. After the Collapse, he has taken up the mantle for balance and magic.

Some say he runs a Kangaroo Court, others believe in his swift judgments and view of the multi-verse.

Lives by the mantra “Justice delayed is Justice Denied”

Justice Solomon of the Divine Scale

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