Drake Salte

Dazed and Confused


Drake ended up in the Eye while investigating a cult that was trying to summon a powerful demon. Instead, the demon ended up pulling it’s loyal cultists and Drake with it into the Eye as followers. Using his knowledge of demonology and a little bit of luck, he managed to convince he cult that he was a new acolyte, ready to serve.

Faking his death and accidentally starting a conflict between his cult and another over his “demise”, he managed to escape. However he’s weary of traveling far from his detective agency alone, for if anyone from the cult were to recognize him, he isn’t sure he could escape their grasp one more time.

He has started up a business known as the Supernatural and Mythical Detective Agency of Dakadoon. Currently no employees, he hopes to find some lucky or unlucky souls to assist in his investigations into the collapse.

Drake Salte

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